Another weekend off

I am getting lazy with another weekend off from serious cycling but no-one should miss Mazey Day with its fantastic parades and happy faces I have always maintained that Penzance is such a relaxed place you could wander about in your pyjamas without attracting comment and I proved it as a bucket lady this year collecting for GolowanThe Mid-Argyll Pipe Band was back in force drowning out the Acorn choir but they had flown down from Scotland just for Golowan and they gave it such welly you could forgive them anything.Sunday was Quay Day which begins the gentle wind down to normality with luggers moored in the harbour and my all time favourite fisherman in his oilers proudly showing off an enormous gold fishDr Who must have been visiting because the daleks rolled through the fair exterminating all in their sights, somewhere hidden in the harbour they gave up their secretsBut, as I said at the very beginning of this blog it's not a good day if I do not get on my bike so I ignored the gardening that should be done and got on my bike for a short but fast and hilly ride. Next week it's back to serious training.