Few photos from the weekend...

Well, after Friday's debacle we slept in a little Saturday morning, watched the Tour Prologue, and eventually suited up for a ride. I let Justin borrow my jersey since it clearly fits him better than it fits me!

After a nice little spin around town we finished up the Tour stage and then headed south for some family BBQ and trip recon stuff.


You can't have solid BBQ without a killer beer

Helping #1

Helping #...? I lost count.

The man drives the beast

Relaxin' (this is way better than the truck's dashboard)

Fire works!

We got home pretty late Saturday night, so weren't in a huge hurry to get up on Sunday. We knew it was going to be a long day, though. Finally got to the trailhead around 9:45-10.

Epic's first time up here

The boys

Luke climbing up

Time to head down (it was really hot, we had a long day planned, and we were all low on liquid!)

I wound up probably having my best SJT climb ever. I cleaned about 95% of the uphill switchbacks (including 2-3 I've never cleaned before), and cleaned most of them going downhill as well! Stoked. Made a few other sections I either hadn't cleaned or hadn't tried previously. So, overall it was a great day for me on the bike.

We got back to the lot, and Luke put on his running shoes and headed back up the hill! Justin and I got changed and headed down instead.

Lots of people out at the lake down below, but we were heading home after a ride!

We ran a ton of errands and tried to get stuff organized.

To quote a great man... "So much time, so little to do!"

Name that movie? :)