Collecting Bucket

Hello Bonnie and Blue here - we are part of Peggy's back up teamWe have a beautiful field at our homeand every day friends come and play footballWe thought it would be a good way to help Peggy if we asked them to donate 20p every time they come to use the field so we put a bucket by the gate
We can have a quiet stroll around the wild flower meadow And a sit in the garden when we need a restWe get through a lot of footballsAnd after only a few months we are really pleased to have collected £24.50!!!!
Thanks to all our friends - Grace, Skye, Bracken, Monty,Maisie, Star, Hooch, Bessie and Walter. Sometimes we were too busy playing to take photos so not all of them appear here!

The bucket is still there and we will continue to collect for charity. Perhaps after September when the ride is over we will give the money for the Rescue Centre at Wheal Alfred.