Bike Shed 2

When I last mentioned the bike shed it was snowed in and my bike had to move into the house. Now it is back in the house again this time to avoid disturbing the lodgers, the swallows nested on the stain tin which was a great excuse not to decorate the windows. They raised five chicks that flew a week or so ago but still come back at night to roost Last year they nested on the strimmer which meant long grass all last summer. It is wonderful to watch the parents swoop out of the sky through the tiny hole I cut in the top of the door They are not the only lodgers, Mr and Mrs Sparrow have their second brood behind the windspur.
In case you are wondering about the sign on the door I liberated it from the spoil heap at Wayland Smithy on the Ridgeway, (very close to where I grew up), when Professor Atkinson was doing "restoration" work building inappropriate Cotswold stone walling between the monolithic sarsens.

The new chapter in training has started: I did 77 miles in two days last weekend and a total of 172 in the last week, including an about turn to remove this from my front tyre