A New Chapter

Time to start a new chapter.
A third of the back up team have gone to Barcelona for the duration
leaving only the four legged members who are less IT literate and tend to have other things on their mindsI fear you may see a few glitches in the blog until I learn all the niceties of inserting my posts. (editors note: actually it can all be done quite easily from Barcelona as you see here!)

With only eight weeks to go the training needs to step up a notch. The official fitness programme suggests three 25 mile rides and one 35 miler in the next two weeks and then 30 and 40 mile rides but it doesn't tell you how to find time each week to do the pedalling.
The weather is not helping.
But full of determination I managed a rather soggy 40 miles today around Mousehole and St Buryanmaze-like lanes around Crean Bottoms and on to Lands End and Sennen, coming back through St Just to enjoy Lafrowda Day and a yummy cream tea in the church.