A never to be repeated experience

I am a stubborn old cuss so once I have said I will do something I tend to do it but as the house gradually filled up with boxes full of stuff I would have happily opted out of the car boot sale. all the stuff had to be sorted into 'put out on the table first' and 'leave till later' boxes, vaguely priced, china and glass wrapped in newspaper, snoozing cats removed from boxes which were then packed into carsun-packed, re-packed and generally shuffled about in a pretty inefficient manner.
Exactly as I had been warned the vultures descended on the car before I even had the table up let alone the banner tied along the front and the balloons blown up.
But the gods smiled, the torrential rain that was forecast did not materialise and the ground did not turn into a Glastonbury porridge.
The stall got set up, people foraged
most things sold even the hospice balloons flapping madly in the wind on their bamboo pole and we returned with only a few boxes.
Like true amateurs we couldn't wait to count the money
which looks like about £175 plus what feels like about £10 but is probably only £5 in the collecting tin before retiring for a well earned cup of coffee at the poolside cafe I reckon there is enough material in a single car boot sale for a PhD in Anthropology.
Thank you to everyone who donated stuff and to my backup team (remember them?)
who made sure I did not give way to my inclination to chicken out of the whole thing.
Money raised for Cornwall Hospice Care - £176