(Late) Midweek Update!

It's been a crazy week! No slowing down the next 3 days, though. LOTS to get done. On tap: two good rides and a spin, plus a TON of shopping, packing, prepping, 8 hours of work and then a longgg drive!

Meanwhile... Tuesday I hopped back on the trainer for the first time in awhile. I didn't want to push it outdoors with hills or anything with my hip, chest, and calf issues. Wound up spinning, reading, and preppin'. It was nice. Justin prepped and cooked dinner, which was doubly nice. Score!

No, I do not actually pedal toward this carrot...

Dinna' is served!

Wednesday we got our lunch spin on!

Grapes of the valley

Heading back into town and narry a headwind. What was up with that?

Dinner salad and pasta sauce. YUM. Just cause.

Happy (Fri)Thursday